Section of copy models (NS)

Chair of the section - Mikhail Basin

Nord-West region: Rodenko A.
Siberia & Far Ost regions Ukhman V.
Ural region Strjukov P.
Nord region Kuznetsov A.
South region Shvyrev A.

Assistant with the juniours
copy classes assosiation Jastrebov A.

Section NS includes next classes of models:

  • F2 - RC models built by owners
    • F2A - length up to 900mm,
    • F2B - length from 901 to 1400mm,
    • F2C - length from 1401 to 2500mm.
  • F4A - RC models without exhibition test.
  • F4B - RC models built using industrial kits (wood, metal etc.).
  • F4 - RC models built using industrial kits with high-pressure plastic only (etching metal allowed).
  • F6 - Group of RC multyfunctional models for team performance.
  • F7 - Multifunctional RC model.
  • NSS - RC model of sailing boat, ship or yacht.
  • DS - RC model with steam engine.

All models are supposed to have a prototype

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